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blog-2 19 Mar

Environmental protection tableware, "corn" didn't make any "sugar"

Production workshop is on the left of the Cup made of bagasse, the middle is made of corn starch, plastic on right

A few years ago, a one-time environmental protection tableware has been featured in many restaurants in Qingdao, a few years later, now can only be seen in a few restaurants here as well. This reporter learned that, and now disposable eco-bagasse tableware with corn starch cutlery and tableware, but due to high cost, not resistant to defects such as bubbles, plus many bad business is shoddy to impersonate, corn starch cutlery it is difficult to promote, now many manufacturers have abandoned the corn starch cutlery, change production of bagasse tableware, new generation of bagasse tableware while doing improvements, practical applications are still less than ideal.


Status quo with not much corn starch cutlery

Recently, this reporter visited a number of restaurants. Located in qingda along a restaurant being used here is "corn starch private disposable tableware" cost 1.5 Yuan/sets. This flatware does not have any odor, water and soup are more convenient. A waiter at the restaurant told reporters that they use this cutlery made from corn starch had been a year or so.

But except this restaurant, reporter found with this tableware of hotel few, many owner for this tableware of attitude mostly is compared recognized, but due to cost causes mostly unwilling to replaced: "using corn starch tableware of costs with using General tableware compared to, average each sets to your 2 hair money above, and sales price are is 1.5 Yuan, this around are is small this business, cost again rose of words really of bear not up. "In contrast, recycling of ceramic tableware and plastic cutlery are cheaper. A restaurant owner told reporters: "ceramic or plastic containers, price around 1 dollar a. ”

Huang DAO had an agent of environmental protection tableware company. Sun Manager, company told reporters that the high cost of corn starch cutlery is because raw materials expensive. "Do not say cost, said wholesale prices, plastic cutlery is generally 2 hairs, hairy cane 3, which cornstarch into the 6-5, this is the market. On the production technologies and processes are similar, mainly because maize starch raw materials expensive. Because corn starch in the corn starch cutlery to guarantee. "In addition the Mr Sun told reporters, almost more than more than 20 restaurants in Qingdao using them with disposable green tableware.

Corn starch cutlery in addition to use in a restaurant, retail terminals is also for sale here or not? Several hypermarkets journalist see in Qingdao, shelves and no corn starch as a raw material in the production of disposable tableware. But with the material plastic PP plastic cutlery and tableware to pulp, and a significant portion of the tableware is made of bagasse pulp.


Visit corn starch cutlery manufacturers bother

Subsequently, the reporter Gao Ping Road, Pingdu found a manufacturer of environmentally friendly tableware manufacturers. According to the factory manager Wang's introduction, he produced here table is about three years old.

"This production tableware of process is simple, corn starch of material is good lane, to this near village Shang directly buy on line, then put material put into machine inside, through high temperature and high-pressure on can put these material according to mold to made to, although this workshop area is unlikely to, but this day if ten Taiwan around of machine full words, on can production 40,000 sets, main is sold to linyi, and Weifang and province outside, Qingdao local sold have is not more. Me in recent years is the introduction of new equipment, a variety of materials, plastics, corn starch, and sugar cane. The tableware of pure corn starch fail, mainly maize starch content is too high, eat, pour water, took in less than half an hour, now mainly in imports of sugar cane as raw material. ”